This page should present clear evidence of Perjury or "Obstruction of Justice."

Below we have Beverly Rusk's testimony in one Jury trial and then we will have what she told the Neighbors and the Police right below it.  From the Police Report, it looks like Ed Rusk told the lies, but I was still at the scene when Beverly started yelling them to the neighbors that were present, so even if Ed Rusk repeated them, Beverly started them.

The reason why Beverly Rusk lies is because of her prejudice.   Beverly just didn't want to see what was right in front of her face.  The reason her daughter showed such an interest in me, was because I wasn't like all the other guys she went to high school with.  I knew Cheryl was insecure and it wasn't so much that I knew what Cheryl wanted as I knew what she didn't want and gave her a friend since she was a friend to me.

Cheryl and I were friends from the time she first spoke to me at our lockers, in the middle of 9th grade all the way to the end of 11th grade where a "middle man/love triangle" screwed things up.  We had plenty of classes together and she was always willing to talk before class and sometimes even during class.   But that is not all, there is a list on that says Cheryl and I should have talked.

The "Police Report" below, was used for "Impeachment" purposes in a second Jury trial.  That fact, along with the fact both attorneys involved were disbarred should have had the verdict in the first jury trial at least looked at, if not thrown out entirely.  But the States Attorney at the time, Marshall Douglas said "It wasn't bad enough."

The bogus judgement, of the first jury trial, has led to numerous false assumptions.  Especially after the the correct definition of "Probable Cause" was set aside and unknown evidence was used against the falsely accused.   Since that judgement was published under Wittekind vs. Rusk, now it is being unfairly used against others.

After a judgement, based on an bogus judgment was published, it should certainly bad enough now, but I haven't filed a complaint against Jeff Terronez, the current States Attorney yet, so I can't say for sure what the ARDC thinks.

Jeff Terronez , doesn't even want to consider throwing out the first jury trial, no matter how bad it was or how many other innocent people will suffer because of it.  It is called "Prosecutor Discretion" where the States Attorney is basically God and can use Fraudulent Deception, Perjury, Obstruction of Justice, manipulation of evidence and other unfair items against innocent people.

Not only did Beverly Rusk lie through her teeth to the Police, but she lied to the people she knew at the courthouse.  So, it is not just the verdict of the first jury trial that should be thrown out, but everything the States Attorneys Office has done because of Beverly Rusk's prejudice and lies.  All the phone calls and the letters that Beverly was solely responsible for should be rendered "void" and Cheryl should be allowed to live her own life free from Beverly's constant involvement and humiliation.

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Then from the Jury trial that I won in 1990 we have this Exchange with Beverly Rusk:

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I won the second jury trial 12-0 with hopes the facts presented would overturn the first jury trial, but as you can tell, I didn't get very far on that.